7 Tips for Building Your Addiction Recovery Support Network

7 Tips for Building Your Addiction Recovery Support Network

You can find an AA group near you by using the local resources locator on the AA website and searching by your zip code or postal code. AA also runs online groups and meetings for those who do not wish to attend in person. Still, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure, consider talking with a trusted doctor or mental health professional who specializes in addiction. A large component of support groups is spending time talking with other people who are in the same situation as you. This “peer support” time together has been shown to be incredibly beneficial and often results in higher substance use abstinence rates and feeling more satisfied with substance use treatments.

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Addiction affects the lives of more people than just those who are dealing with addiction. Al-Anon Family Groups give friends and family the support and resources they need to help them cope through challenging times. This group offers both in-person meetings as well as an impressive number of daily online meetings offered at various times throughout the day. In addition to organizing meetings, SMART offers a wide collection of online resources and media, including videos, podcasts, and worksheets. A Massachusetts man who at one point operated 14 sober homes has been found liable for sexual harassment after he offered housing benefits to female residents in exchange for sexual favors, the U.S. Two new bills would allow state funding to support sober housing — a significant departure from current law, which requires providers to accept people regardless of their drug and alcohol use.

Identifying Compatible People for Your Support Network

  • Since launching the initiative, the department said it has filed 40 lawsuits alleging sexual harassment in housing and recovered over $16.4 million for victims.
  • The relationships you maintain should respect your sobriety and contribute positively to your recovery.
  • LifeRing does not require you to follow a step-by-step program; instead, you design your own program, as only you know the best path forward and the changes you need to make.
  • So, think about what you are passionate about and get involved ⎼ take a cooking class, go to the gym, start volunteering, take a computer course ⎼ and make an effort to meet others there, too.
  • They not only keep the environment safe for everyone but also teach valuable life skills that are essential in your journey towards a fulfilling, sober life.

When it comes to support systems specifically designed for those in recovery, there are several types and options to explore. This is why a healthy support system during recovery can make a world of difference. According to a 2010 article published by the American Psychiatric Association, research indicates that substance use — among other health habits — may “spread” through social networks.

  • Embarking on the journey to sobriety isn’t a solo trek; it’s a path best navigated with support and structure.
  • Moreover, sober living homes often connect residents with a variety of recovery resources.
  • In this article, we will guide you on creating and nurturing a strong sober support system that can help you stay on the path to lasting recovery.
  • Recovering from substance use disorder takes courage and determination, and it’s important not to underestimate that as you move through the process.
  • Over time, you’ll take on more responsibility for your schedule, finances, and personal decisions.

How We Chose the Best Online Sobriety Support Groups

Finding support while you’re dealing with addiction or alcohol use disorder can be challenging and overwhelming. Friends and family members may offer help but a structured group or program can be more effective in providing a plan that can keep you on track toward your goal of recovery. It provides a safe space for sharing your experiences and challenges, while also offering a new network to connect with as you try to live a sober lifestyle. Many of the online groups here offer 24/7 access to an online community and resources and tools that can help motivate and guide you.

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REimagining recovery

Rehab centers often offer couples and family counseling and are typically able to educate the people who surround individuals who have struggled with substance abuse. Apart from attending recovery meetings, you should also participate in other healthy social activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol. The members of your support network are people who will remain committed to helping https://minnesotadigest.com/top-5-advantages-of-staying-in-a-sober-living-house/ you remain focused on your recovery goals. Building a supportive sober network is an essential component of long-term recovery. It provides accountability, understanding, and shared experiences crucial for maintaining sobriety. Individuals increase their chances of achieving and sustaining lifelong recovery by actively seeking out and nurturing connections within a sober network.

This phase is about applying the skills you’ve honed and the habits you’ve developed into daily life beyond the structured environment of the home. It’s here that you truly test your resilience and commitment to sobriety. Because most members of your support network will likely be learning how to support someone in recovery for the first time, they will need to know when they Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House doing things correctly. Always recognize the people you have asked to support you when they behave in a manner that is helpful to you or when they otherwise make you feel valued and encouraged as you navigate your recovery. Sometimes, a quick thank you may be enough while at other times you may wish to communicate in greater detail how the individual helped and supported you.

How To Find Sober Friends (When You Don’t Know Where To Start)

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